Kangaroo after capture

Wildlife Slaughter on Central Coast of NSW Australia. 

Police are urging anyone with information to contact Toronto Police Station on (02) 4950 3699 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


As reported in the media last week native wildlife is again being slaughtered on the Central Coast of NSW.
Wildlife ARC members Patty Ryan, Jessie Grace and a very handy member of the public searched for several hours for this kangaroo at Wyee Point on Wednesday 13/01/16. Picture top left shows Patty Ryan on the ground after they caught the female adult kangaroo reported with an arrow embedded in its chest.
Patty said the animal was groaning and obviously in severe pain as she restrained and comforted it. It is thought that the kangaroo had been carrying the arrow for several days due to its poor condition and maggots around the wound area. It later had to be put down by a local vet. It is possible it was the mother of the kangaroo joey that was shot through the head in the same vicinity several days earlier.
Just hours afterwards a Lace monitor goanna was also rescued from a tree in the same area with an arrow through its abdomen.
Pictures below shows Wildlife ARC member Dave Cooney inspecting the wound and the goanna up the tree prior to being rescued by the NSW Rural Fire Service. Fortunately, after treatment by a vet it is now in Dave's care and showing encouraging signs of a full recovery.  
Dave Cooney with goanna
Goanna up tree
Here is a link to the story in the Daily Telegraph web site
Here is a link to the televsion coverage of the incidents by NBN News Television Central Coast and below some photos from the visit by NBN News for the story. Many thanks to the Central Coast Advocate, Daily Telegraph and NBN News for giving publicity to these acts of wildlife slaughter and cruelty.
NBN Visit 1
20160116 102743 wl
20160116 102126 wl